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The mobile power opportunity

Across the world there are half a billion mobile phone users who have no access to grid electricity. They walk miles to charge their phones on diesel generators and rely on polluting oil lamps for light. By accelerating and expanding the access to clean energy across emerging markets, we unlock massive opportunities for business and education whilst improving health and reducing carbon output.

The cost of purchasing solar panels is too expensive for the 1.3 billion people who live off-grid. To disrupt the status quo, we must radically lower the cost of renewable energy for every last business, city and person everywhere.

Our Approach


Ambition, invention and demand for information in emerging markets is everywhere- yet the energy needed for pursuit of every opportunity is scarce and expensive. With grid-electricity covering a fraction of the country, the fossil fuel alternatives cannot deliver truly affordable energy.

We’ve designed a way to deliver renewable energy at a price-point affordable to the emerging market.

We use a pay-per-charge rental model to supply smart battery packs at a price affordable to low-income households. Central to the model is a cheap yet effective security system and the use of cashless, mobile payments. Our cloud-based system enables us to track and control the smart batteries, mitigating the risk of a rental system. We provide every customer a high quality, affordable, convenient service to his or her home.

These markets, all of which are hungry for access to services and economic opportunity on the world stage, are profoundly untapped. With the right system and method, we can scale up to reach hundreds of thousands of off-grid mobile phone users, delivering a profitable, affordable clean-tech model everywhere.


Our Experience

The idea was born in The Gambia, built in Europe, deployed in West Africa.

Our team has experience of creating business at the bottom of the pyramid, with expertise in creating mobile technology, clean tech renewables and micro-enterprise in emerging markets all over the world. Mobile Power was designed in Europe, rigorously tested down to the last detail in The Gambia. We have proven expertise plus the unique, scalable technology to design and deploy affordable clean energy to the mass market.

Our team has a proven track record plus a unique, scalable technology to deploy affordable clean energy to the mass market.

We're always looking for people to join us

We are revolutionising access to clean energy in high-demand, underserved markets. If your company wants to partner with us to deliver the most affordable sustainable supply of essential energy, lets talk.